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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to: Bitten Lips

Hi everyone :) So yesterday I was just surfing the net and I came across with a bitten lips photo. I really think that it's cute and girly :) So I was inspired to do this blog entry. I know Korean's are famous for this look. You'll get this lips naturally after drinking an orange juice, strawberry juice any sort for fruit juice :D Anyhow lets get started :D

Needed things:
  1. 2 Lip Color (lighter and darker shade) You could also use a tint.
  2. Concealer. 
  3. Clear Lip gloss or something like this, or any product that will give you a lips a wet lips look.

Lets begin :)
Start by applying concealer all over you lips.

 And blend it good :D

Then apply the lighter lip color you have. If you are using a lip tint then just lightly apply it all over you lips.

I just applied lightly Avon's Color Bliss in Fresh Rose

Next is apply the darker/Saturated lip color on the inner part of your lips.

It should look like this

Then applied your clear lip gloss.

Tada! :D

Then I decided to apply mascara for Doll like effect :D

See, it adds drama to the look :D

This look is wearable everyday :) But if there's gonna be 'eating' involve like dinner etc then you'll have to bring all the products just to retouch. And I think its kinda hassle unlike just a regular lip look when you'll just have to glide on a lip color and you're good to go. Anyways I enjoyed doing this look hope you guys too :) That's it.


  1. I like the no-effort look of this bitten lips. I'll try this one.

  2. wow this is beautiful!!!! thanks so much for sharing I absolutely love this look!!!!!!! esp when u want a pop of color but then us asians have plump lips and it can be overbearing. this is a great way to add intense color w/o looking overboard ^^


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