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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Purchase of the day!

Me and my family went to festival mall at Alabang last Dec 23. Yes I know this was a late blog entry, urgh... I've been wanting to update this blog but I've really busy. Anyway, going back to the story :D When we got to Festival Mall we went straight to KFC because its dinner time already. But when we saw the line at the counter we decided to check out some stores fist thinking that the line will gone out after a while. A store called Japan Home was just on the left side of KFC so I told my mother that we should check out the store :D It was my first time entering that store, I don't know why I didn't saw this store before they have a lot of good stuff! And prices of the items are only Php 66 or Php 88, that's the only price of the item, it can only be Php 66 or Php 88. They have all sort of stuff, for the Household, for pets, hair care  beauty, accessories, etc. My accessories are really just anywhere I mean after wearing it just put it on the top of the fridge :D on my closet (That's why I keep on loosing them!) But I really have a container it's just that I just too lazy to put it back there. So I thought I should have to buy an organizer! I can't really decide what to pick because they have a bunch of organizers. But then I chose this see through organizer. This was the largest one.

 What's good about this is that you can decide on how will going you part it. It has two vertical long borders and 9 small horizontal ones.

Tada! :) (These are not all of my accessories but still I was thankful for this.)
 You can also put your brushes here.
Small brushes will fit vertically.
Then the big ones can only fit horizontally.
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to take a photo of the store. And also I am not sure of the price of this, but hey it could only be Php 66 or Php 88. There's no price tag when I bought it and  I dont know where is receipt by now, probably in the trash sorry for that. Anyways it was still a good buy since its cheap! and its nice! :D I will probably gonna come back for more. :D

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