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Friday, March 11, 2016

Lazada Birthday Sale!

This news is too good to pass up! In celebration of Lazada's Birthday, they are having a HUGE SALE. You can enjoy up to 90%, yes I wrote that correctly 90%! ;) 

You can choose from a wide selection of categories featuring Home and Living, Travel and Luggage, and Consumer Electronics. Well-known brand partners including Samsung, Microsoft, Tosot, Unilever, Nestle, and Belo will also participate in the sale offering special promotions throughout the celebration.

Their brand ambassadors LA Aguinaldo and Kelsey Merritt will also join the country’s largest online party! This is only from March 15-18, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                    Birthday blowout highlights include:
·         Hourly Flash Deals
·         Php 4 Sale
·         Jackpot games for additional discounts
·         Facebook & Instagram games where customers have a chance to win a TV and smartphones
·         A chance to win a trip to Dubai for two with every Cherry Mobile purchase  

But before you go and shop let me share to you this FUN FACTS about LAZADA. :)

Additional fun fact: My first Purchase in their site is an Electric Fan. How about yours? :)

Now you can go ahead and visit their site here:  http://www.lazada.com.ph/lazada-anniversary
or you can download the Lazada Mobile App for Android or iOS

Enjoy Shopping! :)

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Biorè Makeup Remover Giveaway!!!

Hi guys! I am giving away Biorè makeup remover + Biorè UV rich aqua watery essence!
This giveaway will run from October 30, 2015 to November 16, 2015
I will Choose 2 winners.

Prize #1
2 Biorè Cotton Sheet
2 Sample Size Biorè Whitening Essence
1 Biorè Cleansing Oil

Prize #2
1 Biorè Micellar Water
1 Biorè Cotton Sheet
1 Sample Size Biorè Cleansing Oil
2 Sample Size Biorè Whitening Essence

I will randomize the entries but the higher your points are the higher chance of winning! :D

I will announce the winners on my FB page!

This giveaway is strictly for my subscribers only so you have to be a subscriber to enter.

You can do the rest for you to gain more points!

So to be clear Being a subscriber is not optional but the rest is optional. :D

Hope I was able to explain that clearly.

If you have a question you can reach me through my FB page also you can email me at karlag094@gmail.com or better yet post a comment here:D

If you want to re-watch the video here's the link.

If you want to try the Biorè makeup remover yourself it is available in almost all watsons just check out their FB page to confirm it's availability.
Thank you so much!

Enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: Fashion 21 All Day Matte Lipstick - All Day Bronze

Hi everyone! Are you looking for a "My-lips-but-better" or a "Kylie-Jenner" type of lipstick? Then this might be for you. Today I decided to review the Fashion 21 Matte Lipstick in the shade of "All Day Bronze" Their matte lipstick line offers a lot of wonderful shades but when I saw this one I fell in love! I know that there are a lot of nude lipstick out there out this shade is so unique and perfect! Just what I wanted in my nude lipstick. 

Where to buy?
Almost everywhere that sells makeup.
(SM Dept. Store, Landmark, Robinsons Dept. Store)

How Much?
Less than PHP 200. 

Left: Fashion 21 in All Day Bronze                 Right: Sophie Paris Lipstick in Velvet nude

Here is a side by side comparison of All day Bronze and Sophie Paris lipstick in Velvet nude for reference. This shade is just perfect! It can be worn on a daily basis and it can also be worn on special occasion.

Here is a makeup look that I did for the Oct-Nov Graduates(That I'm still editing). As you can see it's not super dark nor light. This can also be an affordable "kylie-Jenner" type of Lipstick. You can over line your lips with this and you can totally make your lips a bit fuller.


· The shade is perfect! This will suit a lot of skin tone. From morenas to meztisas it will look great. This shade is universal.
· The packaging is sleek and sturdy.
· It's affordable! This is probably is one of the most affordable TRUE matte lipstick.
· It's available almost everywhere! Just look for the Fashion 21 store.
· It's a TRUE matte lipstick! Meaning there will be no glimpse of shine in any angle.

Not so Good:
· The formulation can still be improved. It can be a bit drying on the lips.

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡ (4/5 Hearts) I deducted one star because I fee like the formulation really needs to be improved. But over all I love this! I have been using this almost everyday! 

Thank you so much for visiting! ♥
Let me now what you guys think of the lipstick.
Have you tried it?

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

SanSan Makeup Sponge: Yay or Nay?

Hi guys I just wanted to share with you an awesome beauty tool that I have recently discovered. I am aware that the beauty industry has made  some advancements when it comes to producing quality beauty tools. And as of the moment makeup sponge has been really promising when it comes to the base application. Remember when almost all of the brands are producing their own BB and CC creams? Now I have noticed that more and more of them are producing their own version of the beauty blender. If you're not familiar with it, here's a link that will fill you up.

I was so thrilled to see this makeup sponge when I visited the HBC store here near my place. Excited enough to buy it right away!

Sansan Makeup sponge
Price: 70 PHP
Place bought: Hbc Store
I believe it is only available in green and yellow color.

It has a very lousy packaging well at least it was sealed, that's what's important important right? As for the material I am not really sure since it doesn't say anything aside from its price. Definitely not the same material as the beauty blender. But it is a quality makeup sponge with a curved egg shape.

I love applying my sort of primer with this one  it just makes it effortless. I am so happy because I was able to blend the cream foundation like a dream.

This sponge is best to use with Cream foundation, Cake foundation, Liquid foundation, BB, and CC creams.
You can either use this to blend products in or blend as you apply. I hope that made sense. 

Things to keep in mind my when using this type of sponge:

✺ You have to wash it and wait for it to dry before using it. Then wash it regularly to prevent bacteria build up.

✺ You should always use this wet or damp with water so that it will not absorb all the product that you'll gonna be using.

✺ Unlike brushes, these types of beauty tool are only good to use for a month or two, depending on how frequent you use it. With proper care I would say for as long as it looks decent enough, then you may continue to use it.

✺ Some products may stain the sponge and can be difficult to remove. Or in some cases you will not be able to remove it at all. Especially if you are working with waterproof products.

All that being said I am so glad that I ran into this product. I have been consistently using this whenever I'm doing my makeup.

I  totally recommend this to those who are in the market for some quality makeup sponge. 

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: Iwhite Moisturizing Facial Wash

Are you searching for a good but affordable facial wash? Well you just might get lucky because, today I'm gonna review Iwhite's Moisturizing facial Wash.

Last year, instead of buying my trusty Panoxyl, I purchased a couple sachets and try-out bottles of facial washes from the drugstore. Don't get me wrong I love Panoxyl's facial wash because it did not broke me out but the thing was it doesn't remove the excess oil and makeup.

Alright First things first, I have a combination skin. My T-zone can get really oily but the other parts are just normal. Plus, my skin is also sensitive and acne prone. So it is important that my facial wash can remove the excess oil and makeup without having to rub it too much.


Available at any leading drugstore and malls.

Price:  PhP 139 / 70 ml bottle

PhP 20 / Sachet

Here is what the actual product looks like.
Summary of my thoughts:
✔ Doesn’t dry out my skin. It gives enough freshness to the face

✔ Removes makeup, excess oil, and dirt thoroughly

✔ Very Affordable

✔ Has a cooling effect on the skin.

✔ Revitalizes my skin

✔ It did not broke me out. Thank God! :D

✔ It has a SEAL!


Not so good:
✘ Whitening – I’m not a fan of whitening products because I love my skin just the way it is but, I cannot stop using this because my skin had improved a lot after using this. :D I think it brightens it actually.

TIP:  Wash your neck and the back of your neck with this as well, just to even it out with you face.

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5 hearts

All in all I super love this product, it amazed me. It has been my holy grail since the day I discovered it. I also tried other products from Iwhite and I loved it. I will do a review soon, so make sure to follow me.

Thank you so much for dropping by,

if you have a blog too leave the link on the comment section so I can follow you too.

Love, Karla G
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Noconi Slanted Flat Top Brush

Hi guys, today's blog post is about this Noconi slanted flat top brush. It can be used to apply liquid or cream products on the face like concealer or foundation.

Where to buy?
The Landmark Mall (Makati)

How Much?
PHP 109.75

Since I can't understand the characters, I just assumed that it is for cream or liquid product. And it is sealed so I cannot feel it unless I cut open the packaging.

So it was really a gamble whether this will work or not. But because the bristles are short and small I thought it's gonna be dense, which is true :-) Thank God it did not disapoint me.
I've been using this for half a year now and I must say I'm really impressed. It does a good job on buffing the product on my face and it doesn't leave a streaky mark.

If I am aiming for a full coverage makeup, then this is what I use because it is so dense. And if you have large pores this will fill in those pores to achive that flawless face.
Here is a a picture of my hand and the brush for you to have an idea on how small it is. :-)
On the performance I guess this is a great deal. Espescially if you find it hard to blend your foundation this will really level up your game. But since it small it can be a bit time consuming. But I personally like it because it can easily blend the hard to reach areas like the eye area and the sides of my nose.

Summary of my thoughts:

· Dense enough to blend my (Liquid/cream) product.
· Gives a flawless finish
· Super affordable!

Not so good:
· Because it's dense it can be hard to clean because the pigments   gets stuck on the bristles. But that is normal to any dense brush.   My remedy to that is whenever I finish using it I wipe off the remaining product on a tissue paper
· Can only be bought at Landmark </3

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5 Hearts) Because it works amazing. :-)

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! Let me now what you guys think of this brush. Have you tried it?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick DIY: Repaint your brush!

Do you have a nice makeup brush but the design is just not you? Or maybe you're just bored at them? Don't be afraid to repaint them! Let me show you how in 2 easy steps.

Last year my sister bought me these awesome brushes from Careline. The blush brush is super soft, perfect to set powder. But what's kinda bothering me was the design printed on it's handle. It's super girly and malakas maka 12 year old LOL! :)

That's why i decided to repaint them. I also have couple of brushes left that needs to be repainted. So I decided to blog this to maybe inspire you to paint yours too.☺


Here is what you'll need:
1. Hanger - We will use this to hang our brush and let dry.

2. Nail Polish - Choose the color/design of your choice. It doesn't have to be a topnotch nail polish for as long as its pigmented enough, it will do.  ☺

3. The brush - And of course the

Step 1. Paint the handle of the brush. I applied two layers of the nail polish to make the design opaque.

Step 2. Hang the brush. Depending on the type of brush, you could attach a string to the brush and clip it. But in my case I'm just gonna clip it directly.

Then we are done! I you're feeling crafty enough bring on some nail art action! It'll make you brush unique and pretty. :D

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog.

If you have a blog as well please leave it in the comment section so I can follow you too!

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