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Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Careline Mineral Blush-on 2

Hi everyone! I'm back for a new product review. I've been hunting for a good contouring powder for the past I guess... 3 months now. But I don't want to spend too much on it. But then I ended up spending too much because all of the products that I bought disappointed me.

You might be asking why am I currently obsessed with contouring? It's because it really makes a huge difference in your face. It makes it more defined and polished :D

Let's now talk about this product. As it says in that packaging it is a mineral blush-on and its by Careline the sister brand of Ever Bilena. This product contains shimmer which I don't like because I prefer a matte finish, but then still I purchased it because the brown pigment is really good when I swathed it at the back of my hand. This one is in the shade of Girly Frill.
It kinda looks peachy here but its not :D 

Here is a swatch. As you can see the color is really beautiful.

And here are the Ingredients.

I was so excited to be home because I really wanted to try it right away. By the time I got how I took my nc 32 brush from Marionnaud and applied it like how I apply any other blusher. Sad to say my heart broke, I was really disappointed on how it looked on my cheeks. All I can see is the shimmer. :( I really felt bad that night I've once again managed to waste my money.

See that? So dusty.

But then on new years eve I really really want to contour my face so I decided to use it but with a different way. Using a blush brush that I bought from 7 11 I applied it on my cheeks by just patting it not dragging :) And Whoa! I looked nice! The powder stayed :) So all this time it was just my fault. My guess its because its a mineral product.

Left: With Flash                                  Right: Without Flash
 As you can see it is very sheer perfect for summer :) or daytime. I like it, but I don't recommend this for flash photography as the shimmer really looks bad in it. As for the blush, I don't like shimmery blush but it's nice, I just not prefer to use it.

To wrap it up, and for additional info.

Rating: 6.5 or 7/10 ( I cant really decide :D

  • The hue of this product.

I like it :) As I said it is perfect for daytime and summer.  I don't recommend this for flash photography as the shimmer really looks bad in it. If you're looking for intense and super pigmented one well I think this is not it. Look for cakes! :)

  •  Was it Long lasting?

If you're sweating and touching that part much well it will fade quick for I think 2-3 hours. I have oily skin and it lasts for like 4-6 hours on my skin.

  • Packaging.

I super like the packaging its very compact very small bag friendly. It comes with a little brush as you can see :)

  • Price
Its cheap! I got this for only PHP 95. at Watsons, I believe it is also available at 711, Mercury drug and of course to SM dept. Store.

  • Will I repurchase?
I think yes, this is a perfect for daytime use (paulit- ulit? :D

That's it!Thank you so much for reading this! hope you found this helpful :)


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