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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Whats in my makeup Bag

 So this is what my makeup bag looks like, there's my mirror under :D Nothing special really, just a simple black bag. I bring this everyday to school, everywhere actually :D The reason why I bring my essential products with me is that I sometimes wake up late, then in order for me to catch with the time is I just skip applying makeup then go straight to whatever place that I should go and while I'm on my way I apply my makeup on in the vehicle :D Haha Its kinda hard but that's the consequence that I have to pay for being LATE! :D But in the times where I'm early I just leave some products at home because I have the time to apply them at home.

Lets go first with my mirror :D

 This is just cheap, I bought it for like PHP 30. I dont want to spend much money with  pocket mirrors because I tend to lose or break it. Anyway, even though this is just cheap I like my reflection in it and also I like how I can see my entire face, plus I think it will not break easily because it has a thick frame. Another thing that I like about this mirror is that it has a small comb which you can just attach or detach (lessens the chances of me losing it:) I know this is kinda huge for me to bring with my bag everyday but I don't care, I like it :)

Now lets see what's inside, shall we? :)

I have here my old hush blush palette then I did depot my favorite lipstick (Avon's Color bliss in Fresh rose, Ever Bilena's Extreme Shine lipstick in 711 and 712) in it and also Ever Bilena Cream Foundation which I seldom use nowadays.

Another Lip product here is Sophie Martin's Lipstick in Velvet nude and Careline's fruitilicious wet lips which is my current favorite because it moisturizes my lips so well. And a hair clip :D

Then here is nichido's True Colors blush powder in tomato. I super love this shade, it gives me a peachy kind of coral with a pink hue glow. The reason why its broken is because I dropped it, anyways its still usable :D

And of course a mascara and lash curler just to open up my eyes :D

And here is my favorite Powder Brush by ELF and also a blush brush which I bought at 711 when I was just starting with makeup (1 or 2 years ago, not sure), I still use it up until now and I still love it. 

And for my face I mix these two Careline pimple concealer to cover up my acne scars and ongoing pimples :D then I use the lighter shade alone to my under eye. And to set it all Im using Lewis&Pearl powder, the thing that convinced me to try this is the "OIL CONTROL" word down below. Though I'm not quite sure if it really works, this is my second bottle, I didn't like the blue one because it has an annoying scent. Anyways I used to use Maybelline's all in one foundation but its cakey so I don't use it anymore.

Then I have here my Nichido' black eyeliner and Nichido's girls night out which is good for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes because it has shimmer :D Then I use Avon's brow pencil and a spooly to define my brows. Then my tiny concealer brush which I love :D

And that's about it :D I hope you enjoy reading this. I also want to know what's in yours :D comment down below :) thank you! :)

1 comment:

  1. I can imagine how polished you look once you enter your class. :) Loose powder is always a great idea for students.

    With regards to your question on my blog about San san 2-way cake foundation, I haven't tried using the darker shade as contour but I think it's a good product for its price. I've used #01 for about two years before I switched to Maybelline. Sansan's is less cakey I think. It was easier to build up for me. I just happen to prefer Maybelline now because of the shade, the packaging and because its noncomedogenic.


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