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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: GlamWorks Permanent Hair Dye Color

 I'm sure if you have been to Watson's, then you've probably seen this. Did you ever wondered if this thing really works? Or are you planning on purchasing this product? Before you do, read this post first. Now lets put this baby on a test!

I have been hunting for a great, convenient, and cheap hair dye for months now. With this product I thing I found it ;) I tried the ones form US brand products to our locally available products. And none of it seemed to work.  Then one day I picked up this GlamWorks Permanent Hair Dye Color, and I said to myself its okay if this will not work its only 49 pesos.

GlamWorks Permanent Hair Dye Color
Shade: Light Browm
PHP 49.
Available at: Watson's, SM department stores.

 There are 4 shades available (if I'm not mistaken): black, medium brown, then the red one and Light brown. I picked light brown because the medium brown seems like for the blondes. 

 This is what is says at the back.

And when you opened it you'll see a sachet which is the colorant. 

And then a disposable gloves. Which is very much needed since your gonna use this as a shampoo. Horay! They we're able to prove a glove for PHP 49! :D

And a little instruction at the back with illustrations. 

I used a whole pack for my hair and I kept it for 45 mins. Because I have oily hair and I just really want to make sure that this will work. During the waiting* I did not felt any stingy sensation on my scalp.When I touched my hair it felt really hot, but I cannot feel that its hot unless I touch it.

As you can see it did a great job! i liked it a lot. and all I have to to do is to shampoo it and viola! But as you can see the color is not super obvious, so if you really want to lighten your hair you have to bleach it or better go to a salon. :)

TADA! Here is what it looks like. Notice that its not super even, but its normal since before the application my hair color is not that even also. And I am not aiming for super light brown.

All in all I will give this product a 10/10!
It does its job!
No uncomfortable feeling during the application.
Colored my hair really nicely.
Incredibly cheap!
Easy to apply.

Note: This is not safe to use daily or even as frequent as you want. Try to wait for 1-2 months for the next application. :)

WARNING: Use this product at your own risk. I suggest that if you will try this out, do a skin allergy test 48 hours before the actual application. Click this link to know more about skin allergy testing. Thank you.

Last updated 4/13/2014

I have lots of reviews coming so lets keep connected :)

Next post will be about my AIRBRUSH makeup experience with  Miss Say Tioco Artillero @ Glambox Studio.

Thank you for dropping by! :)


  1. Is this product will work for ombre?

    1. Hi there! If you will cover up the ombre then try using the darkest one. But if you're aiming for ombre then this will absolutely not work :)

  2. It says that it contains Phenylenediamines... how many times have you use it?

    1. Once. Sorry I forgot to say that it isn't safe for a daily use. I put it there na. :)

  3. Does it have any side effect in your hair? Like making your hair dry? I found my hair boring nksi . Gusto naman bago kaso ntatakot ako bka masira buhok ko . Anung magandang kulay kung frst time mag pa hairdye?

    1. It did made my hair a bit dry, not enough to worry me actually, and I think it's just normal since I dyed it. About the color, it depends on you, most of the salon or beauty supply stores(like HBC) have a sample where in you can choose the color you want or let them suggest good hair color for you :D Sana po nakatulong :D

  4. I bought the medium brown Yesterday at watsons. It didnt affect my Black hair. And My hair is short.
    I took a bath today and it looks liked it got washed off

    1. It happened to my friend too. If you really want to lighten your hair bleach it, because Asian hair can really be hard to lighten. I chose light brown but as you can see in the picture it barely made a difference. :)

  5. What am i going to do? When i started placing it to my hair i kinda feel a burning or stingy sensation?

    1. Wash it off. I did not experienced that. Maybe you are allergic or sensitive to its ingredients?

  6. it didn't color my hair much.. seems like nothings change, i have black hair.. can i repeat it again? will it be okay? or it will make damage to my hair..

    it it made my hair dry, but i used treatment for my hair and it became soft and manageable again.
    thank you. :)

  7. ay di po pala sya pwede kapag ombre? :/
    why? even if I use 2 sachet nya?


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