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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Small Pores!

A friend of mine once said that if she can totally eliminate her pores she would be a happy girl. And I asked why? And she replied "Because I want to have a super flawless skin." How about you? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to totally erase your pores? Well its not! And don't you think its too synthetic, if you do not have pores? Well if you really hate it. You can at least make them appear smaller. Let me tell you how to do that in 5 easy ways! :D

Never ever sleep with makeup on! It is the number one reason why most of us gets a larger pores.
 So cleanse your face regularly, meaning: every night. Especially if you are wearing makeup on a daily basis. Because your skin regenerates every time when you're asleep.

Try to use primers that "specializes on pores" like Benefit Porefessional Php 1900 or Maybelline Baby Skin Php 299. It will not only make your pores look smaller but also, your skin will be super supple making it a perfect canvas for your foundation.  If you are on the budget or you just don't want to use primer, here's a tip: before applying you makeup glide an ice cube on your entire face. It will minimize it right away! :)

Another solution is to use a Vitamin E rich product, like this moisturizer from Myra E. Which is by the way super affordable at Php 69. This is a non-greasy formula.

Don't apply heavily or else it will become "cakey" and will emphasize your pores even more! Especially if you have oily skin. Try to use a buffing brush, or apply as little as possible. If you need to cover up, use a concealer in those particular area instead of adding layers and layers of foundation.

This is my favorite trick. Its old fashioned but it works! When you're setting your face with a powder. Roll press it with a puff. If a little blending is needed then use a brush afterwards :) Trust me it can hold your concealer all day long and it makes your pores look super small :)

All of these are based on my readings and own experience.
I hope this blog post helped you out! :D If you have more suggestion then please do comment it below!
Thank you for visiting my blog! ♥
until next time :)

*I do not own the pictures shown in this specific post. Credits are to the owners of it.

1 comment:

  1. Pores are my #1 problem. I make sure I exfoliate regularly to combat it. But honestly, I haven't found the best method yet to tame them.


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