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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review on: Sophie Paris lipstick in Summer Pink

I just recently bought this lipstick because I noticed that I don't have any light pink lipstick and I really wanted to wear one. And I remembered that Sophie Paris lipsticks has a nude pink lipstick which is Summer pink. I have read a lot of good review about this shade and I wanted to try it out myself.

The nearest Sophie Paris Store in our place is just at the gate of our subdivision. Lucky huh? :D

I was super tempt to try it on when I open it and saw the bullet of the lipstick, but I controlled myself because I wanted to take a photo of it with a good condition.

Link of their latest catalog here.

Here is a swatch of it.

I already have Ice Pink shade from the same line. This shade (summer pink) is a little bit lighter than the ice pink I have a review on it here. And both has a cool undertone.

 Summer Pink and Ice Pink side by side (I'm sorry if it looks crappy, I accidentally ruined the bullet and never used it again)

2 different looks, wearing the same lipstick. 

I was a bit disappointed about the shade I thought it would be a little bit warmer. But then I will still wear it and I still find it pretty.

I would say that I will probably gonna wear this lipstick with a bolder makeup or at least with an eyeliner. This is not the type of lipstick that you can wear on a daily basis with light makeup on or else it will look undone.

Overall thoughts:


  • Very Pigmented
  • Its super Cheap at only 79 pesos
  • Long lasting. This stains your lips so it will not leave your lips as pale at it was. Perfect if you are expecting to eat/drink.
  • Doesn't have a nasty smell. Although it has a scent that I cant describe, it totally tolerable.

  • The color is inconsistent. I think It darkens on your lips throughout the day.
  • The design of the tube fades away, that's why I did not totally removed the plastic cover to protect it.
  • Only available at Sophie Paris' store/agent.
Rating: 8/10

Will I repurchase. Probably no. I'll find another lipstick brand for the shade I'm looking for. But I will still wear this occasionally. But If I am going for a statement lips then I would definitely go for this one.

How about you? what do you think of this shade?

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  1. I love this shade! I use to wear this everyday, just to make a statement. I tell you this will grow on you.

    1. Oo nga :D I lover wearing this during daytime :D

  2. i bought one and i thought it would look good on me, the type i can wear on a daily basis, just like what you've said.

    Incosistent, I agree with that one too... there are time i find it very nice on me, but most of the time it looks awful.

    1. Try wearing it with an eyeliner ;) This looks amazing with smokey eyes too. :D

  3. Hi Ms. Karla. I would like to ask your permission to post ur photos for advertising Sophie lipsticks. I am currently a Sophie dealer. I have noticed that they really look good to you.:)

  4. are you acidic? if you are acidic the real color when applied to your lips will become darker. :-)


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