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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review on: Pinkies Collections Cream Foundation

Isn't that frustrating and annoying to have a bad skin? That's why I decided to purchase this product because I have been breaking out for the past few months and I wanted to cover up the unwanted "visitors" on my face.

Although it is not the best Idea since wearing makeup can make the situation worst, I will still wear one because I don't want to go out with lots of redness on my face! :D

I first saw this product in one of the videos of say(link) and I was instantly convinced by it. So I went to SM dept. store to purchase one. It only costs me P 249 or roughly $ 5.

I was just a bit concerned about the word "TAN" there. This was the lightest shade according to the sales lady. *update: They already have a two shades lighter than CFC-03, which are CFC-02 and CFC-01. BTW it was made in FRANCE. whoa


On the first time that I applied it on my face I was a bit disappointed. The shade is a bit off to me(CFC-03). I was expecting that it was warm(yellowish). But when blending it turns into a cool(beige) undertone. By the way I use a sponge to blend it.

On the 2nd time, I decided to dot it all over my face and blend it with my fingers. :) and viola! It matched my skin tone and It covered up all of my imperfections and redness without the use of concealer.

In my opinion you can go out without setting it with powder if you have a normal skin type, but since I have a combo skin type I have to set it with powder, I used to use Maybelline's all in one cake foundation but the it tends to cake up that's why I switched to Avon's shine control powder in almond.

This photo was taken before I started to use benzyol peroxide that's why you can see few bumps on my face. Anyway, Pinkies Collections Cream Foundation was able to conceal it all. :) Amazing!

This was after few days of using it. As you can see the bumps are gone now, and my skin is super better than before.

 *I swear I did not Photoshop these photos :)

All over thoughts on this foundation:


A little goes a long way. Super pigmented.
Can cover up acne and acne scars etc...
Super cheap I got his at 249 Php only!
Stays intact all day long.
The Logo the name and the packaging is cute and compact :D


It has a tendency to look cakey if you over apply it.
Has a little bit plastic scent, but it is totally tolerable. And the scent fades away once you apply the product on your  face.
Prone to bacteria contamination, because its wide open. I just keep it closed and I make sure to use clean fingers or a brush. :D

Will I repurchase? yes!, but I'll probably try the CFC-02 shade :D

Over all rating 9/10 This is the only affordable foundation that really works! :D

Thank you for your time! Hope you found this helpful.

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