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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review on: Ever Bilena's Magic Lipstick

Hi everyone! :) This is a review on this amazing lipstick from Ever Bilena. I've been ignoring this product for a very long time, its because i don't like the packaging, I think it was very cheap looking. But then last last week my mother and I check out ever bilena's makeup stand in watson's and the sales lady recommended this one.

I must say I am really impressed with it. I super love the shade (strawberry) which was their best seller. This looks amazing with my Careline Oil Control Blush-on in pinkish blush.

Usually I don't give a damn on the ingredients. But I realize some people does that's why I include it in my reviews if possible.

For additional info. Like I said I got this in strawberry.

It still look amazing even if you wipe it with a tissue paper. 
 Here is a swatch of it on my arm :) Left: before wiping it.  Right: wiped.

My bare lips :)

My lips after applying the lipstick

After wiping it with a tissue paper. As you can see it is still very vibrant, I think even vibrant. 

        My thoughts on this product        

  • Its cheap, it is only Php 80.00 :)
  • Ideal to wear when you are expecting to eat or drink because it is super long lasting! Because it stains your lips.
  • Available in leading drugstore and mall nationwide.
  • The packaging looks cheap (but what can I expect its only Php 80, at least the quality is great)
  • Too fusha for me. I'll probably gonna purchase the watermelon shade, because the bullet is green and I think its cool haha!
  • It stains your lips, some people might not fond of wearing this kind of lipstick, but hey that's why it's called a magic lipstick :)
My over all rating is: 9/10 :)

For me this is a must have. I will gonna keep this on my everyday makeup kit :) Once again thank you for reading this. I hope you find this helpful.


  1. Hi! Merong new packaging ang magic lipstick ng careline! Cute and colorful :)

  2. Replies
    1. I mix this and my summer pink lipstick from sophie paris and it looks like a frosty shade of pink. I love it :D

  3. You like like Yasmien Kurdi, so pretty mo :D


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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