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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Avon's Totally Kissable lipstick Review

Today, I'm gonna be doing a review on this Avon's Totally Kissable lipstick. I'm sure you have seen its TV ad already.  Its only 299 with a free Ideal oil control pressed powder.

Anyway, I got this in the shade of deep orchid, and I super love it. It makes my face brighter and it will also look great on morenas out there.

The packaging is really awesome, I think it looks like a bullet of a machine gun or something that has to to with firearms. Or maybe its just me :)

And yes Ms. Anne Curtis is the official endorser of it here in the PH. Doesn't it look gorgeous on her? 

Btw, they also have other shades like the pink ones, and red. I just chose this one.

 This is actually my first time to have a deep color lipstick. No regrets because I love the color. This also reminds me of their ultra rich moisture lipstick? (which also has a variety of great shades) because its super pigmented and at the same time its moisturizing. Its not that super matte.

Deep orchid has a deep plum color.

And this is the free powder. Ideal oil control pressed powder. I got the shade in natural.

            My thoughts on this product           

  • It is not that matte, so even if its super pigmented it will not make your lips dry.
  • Perfect formula of the shade.
  • Awesome packaging. Its nice to have a nice looking lipstick on your makeup bag :)
  • No nasty smell, but it has a hint of vanilla smell upon application.
  • Great deal, because of the promo by just purchasing this  for 299 you'll be able to get a pressed powder for free.
  • Even though its is called totally kissable lipstick, I don't think its an ideal lipstick to use when your expecting to kiss someone, whether on the cheeks or on the lips because it will surely gonna transfer.
  • Only available at Avon stores and Avon dealers.

Though this lipstick isn't that long lasting, it will probably gonna last up to 3-4 hours? But if you'll apply a lip liner, it will make it last longer. 

My Rating is 8/10. Relatively cheap for its quality. :)

Thats it. Thank you for your time. :)


  1. Replies
    1. They offer other shades like pinks and red ones :)

    2. Btw, thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  2. I've always wished they have Avon stalls in the dept store just like Ever Bilena. This is a great shade for autumn (as if my autumn tayo), but it takes guts to wear this color. It's almost gothic.

    1. Saw your recent comment on my blog. DONT ever ever use katialis! It's NOT at good product form acne. Try angel sue nalang. It's usually in the department store.

    2. I think for formal event okay sya with cat eyeliner :D

      haha alright then, thank you for the concern. :)

  3. It looks gorgeous on your lips! It seems like the kind of shade that's hard to pull off though! Thanks for sharing!

    Love your blog by the way!


    1. Thank you so much! :)

      I think this will look great with a cat eyeliner :D


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