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Thursday, June 6, 2013

MASSIVE HAUL (Makeup, Brush,Tools)

 Hello Everyone I am back for a HAUL! :D This is gonna be the first time that I will show you some products(Makeup&Tools) that I recently occurred. And all of these I owe to my dear sisters Ate Nelly and Ate Caroline :D Thank you so much! ♥

This product is from Switzerland, I believe?  From the line called PUPA. Its really new to me I've never heard that brand ever before. Anyway, this is an eye shadow and eye cream in a really cool packaging :D And it is super pigmented plus it has glitters.

I purchased this as an emergency lipstick. :D Because I don't like what I brought on that moment(while on our way to Pasay) And I think this is a perfect everyday lipstick for people who loves wearing red lipstick (including me!). The formula is sheer and the shade is a little bit orange-y to red-ish. Price PHP 89.

 This is one of the bestsellers of IN2IT. And costs PHP 300.

This claims to be a legit Two-way foundation, the sales lady told us that this don't get cakey when applied. I think I'm gonna do a review on this very soon. This costs PHP 699.

Perfect contour powder from essence. Price PHP 229.00

I've been searching for a perfect shade of nude nail polish and I think I found it. :D Price PHP 99.

I saw this on one of  Saytiocoartillero Video. This product claims to lasts for 24 hrs. Price PHP 199.

As For the tools...

These were great quality brushes from Artist Studio at Landmark. Most of it costs PHP 49.50 except the dome shape blending brush is PHP 59.50

 This one is an ELF Lash Curler. Price PHP 129.75

I also got a Careline brush Set. Price PHP 120.

I love this makeup organizer because you can either fold and hang it.

Plus I can keep all of my brushes in here. :D Safe from dust :D

 Lastly a travel Makeup Brushes Holder. I think the print look chic :D Price PHP 169.75

That's all! hope you guys enjoyed reading! :D


  1. That's one MASSIVE haul! I'm jealous with the brushes. We don't have that brand here in Mindanao and I don't feel like spending a lot on brushes yet.

  2. Yeah too bad its only available at makati. >.<

  3. great products! :) the pink lipsticks are beautiful !
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

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