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Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Bottle Chandelier

Do It Yourself Bottle Chandelier

This was one of my project for my history of arts class. My professor come up with the idea of using recycled materials for our final project. I remembered the bottle chandelier that I saw in one of radass post. I decided to do something like that. :D It caught my attention because its so beautiful and kind of gives me an enchanting feeling?

Anyway, if you're bored on a friday night and you've got enough bottles, why not try this? This looks good on a romantic dinner, or even a family affair its up to you :D Let me just share you what I did step by step. I hope that this will be helpful. If you have question don't hesitate to leave a comment ;)

Here are the things that I used:

  • 3 bottles (at least, if you want more than this well then theres no problem :) )
  • Wire (how long? it depends on how many bottles you'll use)
  • Cover of the electric fan wheel (This one is optional if you have a better Idea then you could just do that)
  • Candles (I recommend the small ones like this. How many? depending on the number of bottles)
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • needle and thread
  • beads
  • plies

Lets get started! :D

1. Make sure that your bottles are clean.
2. Start measuring the the wire around the opening of the bottle. Like this. Then cut it using the plies. This will support the handle. (I completely forgot to take a photo of this step, but this is what I'm trying to say :D ) 

3. Then measure how tall the handle will be then cut it. 

4. Then secure it together.

5. Then super secure it to the bottles :D Using the plies. make sure that its not loose so that the bottle will not fall. 

6. Lets move on to the top part. I just estimated how long the top handle will be then cut it. I added some beads :D

7. the insert the ends to the hole of the electric fan cover.

8. Then secure it.

9. I added a garland around the bottles

10. Now you could paint any color to it :)

This will be the wire that will connect the handle of the bottle to the top cover

11. I used a needle to create this because its easier :D

12. I started in the middle because its easier to balance the beads.

13. Then you can now connect them :D

14. Then put a bit of water inside so that the melted candles will not stick to your bottle. It'll be easier for you to clean it.

TADA! here's the end product! :D


  1. Galing :)) Dapat ito nalang yung ni present natin haha

    1. wat po name mo? :D sayang nga e d naman available page na to sa school :D


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