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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make up kit for beginner teens

Pocket-Friendly Beauty Finds, for teens!

   If you are a teen and you're thinking to try make-up to look fab or you are already using make-up, but you don't have much money because you're saving for something or you're just on a budget, well this is the perfect list for you!

     I do understand that when you are still a student, you don't have enough money can be frustrating sometimes especially if you want to buy something. So that's why I created this list to help you with your budget :) The products on this list really really cheap but still the quality is nice ;) 

Lets start with your face :) Throughout the day you want to look fresh and flawless, then I do recommend Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine-free Foundation it's only 249 pesos. It gives great coverage, very pigmented and it lasts long. Refills only 149 pesos.

   2. Cheeks! :">
      For the cheeks I do recommend Careline's Lip and cheek tint. This one is only 80 pesos. It lasts long on you cheeks. not touch up needed, plus it looks natural :)
       3. Brows
     For the brows try this  Ever Bilena Original EyePencil in Brown. :) it is only 90 pesos, I'm not so sure but something like that :) Ever Bliena also have tweezers, it is important to keep your brows neat :) its only 50 pesos I'm sure with that :D

       4. Eyes 

   Use this Thicklash Mascara by Ever Bilena and for sure your eyes will look bigger and more awake! its only for 68 -90 im not so sure but its cheap! :D

      5. Lips
    Then apply this Xtreme Shine Lipstick on your lips, it has Vit. E that moisturizes your lips :) This is only for 75 pesos. But if you like less color try using Maybeline's tinted lip balm its only 79 pesos :)

Ever Bilena and Careline Products are available at: Sm Department stores, Watsons, Mercury Drug, 711.

San San Products are available at: HBC nationwide.

Mabeline Products are available at Sm depatment Store, Watsons.

 I hope that this was helpful :) if you have questions feel free to post it :) thanks for reading and good luck! :*

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